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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Climbing Magazine - May 2011 Photo of the Month

ucc-indian-creek, originally uploaded by matthewandcassie.

This month my first photo was published in Climbing Magazine. I won a Wild Country Helium Cam for it! They also mentioned our round the world climbing trip. Very cool of them to choose my photo and go out of their way to plug our trip.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One Month and Counting!

As of today we officially have a month to go until we quit our jobs and leave Salt Lake City to start our around the world trip. Our intent is to take two full years off and travel around the world and US.

While traveling we will be climbing full time by camping at climbing areas, waking up, making some coffee and hoping on the rocks. We're really looking forward to exploring the globe and refining our rock climbing skills. We'll leave after my USA climbing team competes in Bozeman, Montana in mid-May. From Montana we'll head straight to Colorado and spend about a month there. After that we'll head to Wyoming, Montana, British Columbia, Washington, and then stop in Portland to visit Cassie's parents. From there we go to Europe for three months. We already have the plane tickets and car booked (so psyched). Leo and Dottie (Cassie's parents) have been incredibly generous to watch Mojo for that time. So, keep checking the blog and soon we'll have many posts describing our journey.

Right now the dull day to day stuff continues with our jobs. We can't help but feel like we're in a daze given that things area about to change so dramatically but that they haven't changed at all yet. We'll be putting the Honda up for sale soon and are slowly cleaning out the house. Just purchased a new laptop and a smartphone so we can blog on the road and hop online easily.

Gotta run, I'm late for work!