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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Overlook - 4th of July


Fourth of July is always a mixed bag in Utah. On one hand usually it's a great long weekend, but it's usually so hot you don't feel like doing much at all. The solution? Go to the highest place you can find and try to escape the heat. Luckily there is just such a place called The Overlook near Brian Head Utah. It's a stellar climbing area (I've blogged its praises before) located at about 10,000 ft. This time we had a huge crew of climbers to accompany us along with other friends. All told the group consisted of Cassie, I, Kim, Kent, Chris, Emily, Mike, Danielle, Tori, Chris, Renee, Nicole, Jesse. It was a blast having so many people to hang with. We did a little climbing by getting warmed up on some problems we've done before and then just hung out. The next day Cassie rode 15 miles on a mountain bike trail and got a black and blue behind. Each night we made dinner and talked over beers and watched the sun set. Just can't get much better than that. For the fourth we watched the fireworks from about 5,000 above them and then proceeded to show our patriotism by lighting sparklers and coming close to setting ourselves on fire. I put together a video with clips from Cassie and my trip the previous weekend and combined it with clips from the fourth. Enjoy!



Here is an amazing dinner Cassie made with a recipe from The Splendid table. Ask her to email you the recipe as it's not on their site (at least anywhere we can find it).

Chicken Brochettes in the Style of Fez