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Sunday, February 15, 2009

feel the burn

Hope everyone out there is enjoying your winters. We certainly are here in Utah. After a couple of weeks with small amounts of snow we finally started getting dumped on this week, and there's more to come! Cassie had another four day weekend (lucky gvmt. employees) and so she got to ski all four days. It makes the season pass totally worth it when we go skiing that much. The powder was super thick on Saturday. Friday night through Saturyday we got about 12+ inches. Coming Tuesday is another big Pacific storm, hopefully we'll get more powder!

Cassie should be posting about her ice climbing in Maple soon, so stayed tuned for more exciting stuff. I didn't get to go ice climbing since I'm recovering from Lasik surgery. So far things are pretty darn good. I can climb and ski without any trouble. My vision is still a bit blury, but it will supposedly clear up over the next few weeks.

These globes are at Sundance. They are some sort of renewable art as they look like they are made out of recyclable materials. They just look really cool with snow on top of them. It gives me hope that we can fight global warming, but maybe not too much because north america appears to be covered by powder about 50 miles deep...