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Sunday, December 14, 2008

a weekend at the house

Well, we've done a bit more bouldering since the last time we've posted. Cassie sent a crazy hard v4 in joe's valley. i told her it was only a V1 , then she went and sent it (i can't send it). Last weekend I bouldered in joe's in a t-shirt, then flew to Montreal for work for a week. It was cold and snowy and it also freezing rained. needless to say I would
have preferred to be in utah. btw, a shout out to hank n marla in fairbanks, stay warm, keep your spirits high, and you'll make it through the long december.

This weekend we just hung out at the house. Climbed with the club in the gym on saturday then went for a walk on sunday. very relaxing. I've been playing around with my new camera and have found the joy of neutral density filters (check out the pics of the river). also took some photos of mojo, our house, and the walk up the street. it has finally snowed here so the canyon has become covered in powder and it's really beautiful.

This Thursday we leave for costa rica! We'll be down there for two weeks. I'm sure we'll have lots of pics when we get back in January. We probably won't post down there, so we'll wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Triassic and Thanksgiving

Well it's the holiday time of the year again. That means hanging out with friends and eating lots of food. It also means it's bouldering time! Each year I look forward the end of fall and begin looking to the south for rocks to climb.

Triassic is a bit of a drive to get to, but the sandstone bouldering there is worth it every time. Triassic was discovered by accident in a wash next to a dinosaur quarry which is how the place got its name. I think we've bouldered a lot in the last three few weekends. Last Sunday the 30th we went by ourselves to Triassic. It was so warm we were climbing in t-shirts (this sentence inserted for our friends residing in the chillier climates. stay warm!!) We had a great time doing problems we've overlooked and are constantly amazed at the number of fun climbs in Land of a Thousand Boulders, and Mojo is amazed by the lizards that love running around on the rocks. I swear I saw a lizard doing a V23. :) Cassie and I enjoyed sending a few hard problems. Cassie sent "Bacardi Silver" V4, a super fun pumpy traverse that heads up while it heads to the side. It's a lot more difficult than it looks when you approach it. I think her new climbing shoes "la sportiva Testarossa" are so wicked curved that they helped with all that heel and toe hookin. I'm getting into trying to capture those sending moments and managed to get a video of her ascent. check it out. I also sent a tricky V5 called "Some get two fingers" named because of the two tiny pockets. I did manage to get two fingers into each of the pockets and got over the pain of this super sharp crimper. Anywho we were both stoked to get some problems we've worked. In other news we're getting ready for our trip to Costa Rica over Christmas. (sorry Cassie's video not yet posted, it will be soon).