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Friday, May 21, 2010

Moab Utah and Arches National Park

Last month we headed to Wall Street. Well it's not the real Wall Street. Rather it's a climbing area outside of Moab, Utah where climbs are remarkably close to the road. Some climbs are in fact so close to the road that belayers actually stand in the road. It's a bit unnerving to climb while your belayer is getting passed by cars doing 50 only a few feet away from them. 

Since my foot was still hurting I decided to go ahead and just shoot footage with the camcorder. To facilitate getting new angles and shots I grabbed an ascender and jugged up ropes that Cassie set up for me. I think we got some pretty decent footage and I had a lot of fun just watching and cheering people on. Below is the video that came out of that trip. Enjoy!

The following day we went to Arches National Park in an attempt to get to the top of Elephant Butte which is the highest point in the park. The climb wasn't very technical but it did involve rappelling off of a person who was laying down in a crack and a bit of easy scrambling. I produced another video highlighting that trip as well.